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Our primary objective is to provide a wide range of backup solutions that streamline your backup operations in multiple devices. At Tools for Backup Solutions, we aim to bridge the gap between your day-to-day backup needs and effective solutions.


What Sets ToolsBackup Software Apart?

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

ToolsBackup Email Backup Software is uniquely innovative solution. Our solutions include features designed to address user and IT admin pain points.

100% Data Protection

100% Data Protection

Our Solutions ensure data safety through regular product updates and enhanced security measures, protecting users' crucial and sensitive data from emerging security threats.



Quality products shouldn't always come with a hefty price tag. Using our software allows users to save on IT budgets while still benefiting from top-tier solutions.

ToolsBackup A Complete Solutions of Data Backup

Out Tools make easy to take backup from Cloud, Database, Windows, Drive, Email Accounts etc.

Windows Backup

Single backup solution to take back of your entire windows system.

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Office 365 Backup

Single click utility to take your data back from Office 365 platform.

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IMAP Backup

Save a copy of your IMAP accounts and make easy to access, safe and secure.

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Email Backup

Ideal Solution to take back of your any email account data using IMAP Method

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Expert Recommendation

Your Trusted Solution Provider!

Expert Recommendation

Many experts endorse Tools for Backup Software for professional solutions. Our ambitious technical team focuses on security, user-friendliness, and innovation, making us your consistent solution provider in the industry.

Choosing our software provides a competitive edge and peace of mind, knowing you have a trusted solution provider. Our team works tirelessly to offer extraordinary support and continual improvements in our backup product range which supports Windows, Mac, Android & iPhones.

Modern Tools

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Modern Tools for Modern Backup Challenges

Security, Efficiency, & Simplicity in One Package!

When crucial data is at stake, our core responsibility is to bundle essential backup tools into a single, powerful package. Our solutions feature unmatched security, flowless downloading, relentless efficiency, and supreme simplicity.

What sets our modern backup tools apart is our commitment to keeping them simple yet effective. Regardless of your technical expertise, you can harness the full potential of our applications. Experience the new era of smart backup solutions, combining Security, Efficiency, and Simplicity with ToolsBackup Software.

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