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When we talk about email Backup software, the next is always safety be it the next need, the next challenge, or the next backup. So, you cannot stop working to get rid of those challenges. This vision to facilitate backup has made us develop class-leading backup solutions for the users. Since 2018, ToolsBackup has delivered pinnacle, robust, and cost-effective solutions across the world. Tools for Backup is committed to delivering high-quality data backup, IMAP backup, cloud accounts backup, and many more software with guaranteed data security and safety.

Tools for Backup - Core Values


Our mission is to develop innovative software that not only meets the needs of our users but surpasses their expectations. We aspire to lead in technological advancements, providing software solutions that are user-friendly, dependable, and scalable, ultimately contributing to the success of our clients.


We adopt a client-centric approach, emphasizing close collaboration with our clients to comprehend their needs and challenges. Our methodology involves thorough research, robust development, strategic planning, and rigorous testing to ensure that the end product meets high standards.

What Sets us Apart

Dedicated to excellence, ongoing enhancement, and customer satisfaction, these principles set us apart. Our diverse team, comprising tech enthusiasts, designers, problem solvers, and developers, works collaboratively to deliver cutting-edge backup software solutions that effectively address real-world challenges.

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